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Service center



Technical Training

1、Free Training

A、Introduction for the performance, technical specification and construction of the Product

B、Routine maintenance, maintenance knowledge and general fault identification , elimination

C、Introduction for the operation procedures , security technology and the basic operation training

2、Toll Training

A、The second time training for the equipment operator or the second batch of operator ;

B、The training for the junior laser equipment maintenance staff

Service requirements

1、With the conception of " leave the difficulties to me, and give you satisfaction " to serve the customer

2、Our company should worry for the customers and think for customers.

3、Service personnel should be: timely, accurate , careful and thoughtful ; to achieve customer satisfaction under the premise of safeguarding the interests of the company.

Service Features and superiority

1、Our company has become the biggest enterprise of industrial laser in China. It is a High-Tech enterprise which combines the laser manufacturing, technical service, and R&D. It has many high quality R&D and after sales service staff.

2、Supported State Key Laboratory of laser research , Doctor and postdoctoral station, National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, we can provide strong after sales service and technical consultation

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