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01.28 CP1500W fast axis flow CO2 laser is put into the market.
04.20 Project initiation of "The R&D of turbine for high power fast axial flow CO2 laser.
10.20 CP1000W fast axis flow CO2 laser is put into the market.
11.04 The company has been rated as AAAA level standardization enterprises.
04.10 Land contract signed between the company and Bureau of land and resources. ( located in Wuhan future science and Technology Development Park) 05.18 Company attends the ninth central China investment and Trade Fair.
09.04 The spokes-like 10kW laser on exhibition - "Chinese photonics expo".
12.08 Project initiation of “High power radial polarization laser based on polarization insensitive resonator”.
10.05 The new CQ Series (4000W / 4500W) fast axial flow CO2 laser is put into the market.
12.15 Wuhan Co-walking Laser Tech. Co., Ltd. moved to the new plant.
12.25 Break out 200 lasers sale, 208 units actually achieved.
01.22 The first batch of technical personnel was sent to the United States for technical training.
03.05 The first CP4000 Laser was assembled in Wuhan Co-walking Laser.
03.23 The US experts came to the company to guide the laser assembly and testing.
04.28 The first assembled CP4000 laser passed the 72 hours test and achieved the US requirement completely.
06.04 The first CP4000 laser was shipped to OEM.
06.25 The first CP4000 laser used for laser texture purpose was shipped to first cold rolling mill in Wuhan Iron and Steel Company. 11.28 Wuhan Huagong-Unity laser CO., Ltd was established, and Wuhan Co-walking Laser acquired Wuhan Hanson Laser and was included into the Huagong-Unity laser group to form a CP, LENCE and HT series fast axial flow laser product line , with a whole new appearance in China Optical Valley.
04.24 The Wuhan Co-walking Laser Tech. Co., Ltd. Sino-US joint venture formally incorporated in Wuhan.
06.25 The first session of the first meeting of the board of directors held in Wuhan.
12.08 The first Batch original CP4000 Lasers arrived in Wuhan.
03.10 Hubei Province Deputy Governor Zhou Jianwei attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation between the Optics Valley and Prima North America.
11.03 The Optics Valley Laser signed a contract with UMP Thailand company for the first time to set up the laser processing center in Thailand.
11.28 Signed the joint venture contract with Prima North America in Wuhan.
05.20 CPC Central Committee, Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Yu Zhengshen attended the signing ceremony for intent agreement of joint venture.
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